Basic B*tches Weekend

Oh how I had counted down the days for Basic B*tches Weekend to arrive! My college friends and I had planned for this “basic” reunion back in August. Though no flannel shirts or Ugg boots were worn, there were plenty of pumpkin flavored treats and pumpkin decorating during the day. We also chose this weekend because we wanted to be super nerds and attend the Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill, PA! It was glorious-ness all around.

On Friday we took the day off and headed up to Hellerick’s Family Farm which had plenty of pumpkins to choose from, as well as hayrides, corn mazes, tricycle racing, slides and farm animals. We may be several years out of college and some married, but all without little ones, and yet we might have had the most fun at the place! We’re super big kids still at heart and we did multiple tricycle and rubber duckie races, a hayride (we were the only ones sans kids on there), and enjoyed some good ‘ol fashion playground slides.

Just check out these photos and videos and you’ll see the fun we had –






My favorite little pumpkins <3



Tricycle squad goals.

When you pretend you’re part of the USA Olympic tricycle team, the one team, THE ONE TEAM that must always be defeated are the Russians.



Navigating the corn maze….Completed in just over 14 minutes. Go ahead, call us ‘Maze Masters’.



Family photo at Hellerick’s Family Farm


Pretty excited with how my pumpkin-donuts turned out!

After our VERY warm pumpkin picking day (Hey Mother Nature, it’s me, Melissa! Guess what?! It’s FALL), it was time to prep for our next day’s activity with some Harry Potter pre-festival movie watching! Friday night we drank apple cider mimosas, ate pumpkin flavored snacks, decorated our pumpkins and watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2.

Look out for my next post! I’ll be talking all about the Harry Potter Festival. Prepare for something wicked this way comes….

With love,