LEGO Cookies

Final Legos

So these LEGO cookies were semi-unexpected…

After creating the Olympic cookies from last week’s post, I got a burst of baking inspiration when I thought of these LEGO cookies. The more I thought about them, the more that I really wanted to make them, but this past weekend I wasn’t sure if I’d have time. My original plan was homework, but I couldn’t just do that all weekend! So I decided to make extra time to bake.

As usual, I try to bake the cookies on a Friday and then decorate on a Sunday, but this time I actually made the dough on Thursday night, baked on Friday and then decorated on Sunday. Breaking the baking process up helps me organize and because I just don’t have time to do all three parts in one day.

So Friday this happened…


Enjoying some beer and baking ;)

On Saturday, I had planned to do just homework which I normally do at my place, but this time I had to get outside. My cable for my TV had been out since Wednesday due to an issue during a power outage so I headed to a coffee shop.

A very pretty coffee shop…

Good Karma

Then on Sunday as I wanted for the Comcast guy I got to decorating. When this idea of LEGO cookies popped up in my mind and I knew exactly who to make it for, my sweet nephew Connor. These cookies are actually a surprise, but if my sister sees this post before they arrive, SURPRISE! :D Connor loves LEGO’s so I know that he’ll love these cookies.

Lego Heads

These LEGO heads took some time to cut by hand!


LEGO Cookies

Final Legos

The next couple of weeks will be pretty busy; ‘good’ busy which I’m looking forward to. I’m gearing up for work to hit the busy season and I’ll also be heading out of town over Labor Day weekend which I’m counting down the days!! This summer I didn’t really leave the city or the surrounding area at all which is unusual for me. So flying out and away for Labor Day Weekend is much needed.

Hope everyone is enjoying their last week or two of summer! I’ve seen pictures of some little kiddies off to kindergarten and it’s the cutest thing!

With love,



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