Christmas 2016 Video

Just got the Christmas day video! This is a small clip of what it’s like having Christmas with my family. It’s loud. It’s a mess. And it’s the best thing ever!

If you haven’t read my latest blog post about my annual Christmas trip to Canada, you can read it here.

At first I wasn’t sure if I was able to show this video because my sister is pregnant and I wanted to make sure no spoilers about the gender or name were revealed. All is well though! No spoilers here! My sister does hold up a baby outfit in the video which we all squeal at, but she’s off camera so you can’t tell what she’s holding exactly! Phew. Slippage averted.

So basically Christmas day for my family is everyone finding a spot around the living room (there’s about 13-14 of us) and normally my uncle sits by the tree and calls out a name to the present and hands it over, but he couldn’t attend this year so my brother-in-law did it. As you can see in the clip, it’s just Christmas wrapping chaos! Once all presents are handed out and everyone has opened their gifts, we go around the room and do a little show-and-tell.

With love,