Dinosaurs, the Serengeti and a Butterfly Garden

Ever since I got my DSLR camera last Christmas, I’ve been wanting to test it out and practice whenever I can. I took it with me to Paris, but after that it really just sat in its camera bag. Things got so busy with work and school after Paris and I wasn’t able to get out and really practice with it, that was until recently. I brought it with me on my Minnesota trip to see Cat and the girls and I also took it out this past weekend. A special free exhibit was happening at the Academy of Natural Sciences so I decided to check out the whole museum since I’ve never been there! They have more exhibits than just the dinosaurs, animals from the Serengeti and a butterfly garden, but those were my favorites. Their butterfly garden is supposed to be pretty cool so I thought taking some shots there with my Canon SL1 would be pretty fun and it sure was!

Along my way to the museum I passed by City Hall and it’s a spot in the city that I always try to stop and admire whenever I’m close by. I just love all the detailings of the building.



The Academy of Natural Sciences is geared towards families with children. It’s a great learning space for dinosaurs, animals, mummies, fossils and bugs. Each exhibit isn’t very big since their main demographic is probably between the ages of 4-10 years old and their attention span isn’t very long….But I really enjoyed their animal showcases which had animals from different areas around the world taxidermied in a replica of their former environment. It was cool to be so up close to them and see how large or small they were. It also made for great camera practice!






The last two pictures were not from the Serengeti section but I liked them nonetheless ;)

The dinosaur exhibits were probably the most popular for the kids. Seeing the replicas of these prehistoric animals was really cool since they had so many. There was actually two portions of the dinosaur exhibit, one on the main level once you walked in and then one on the second floor.


The second floor one really wasn’t that impressive actually. Robotic replicas of the dinosaurs were created and for kids, it was either fun or terrifying to them. I saw both reactions and the latter was painfully hilarious! The only picture I snapped here was of this velociraptor! So there’s actual evidence now that velociraptors had feathers and fur! Pretty freaky….


After the Serengeti animals and dinosaurs, I finally got to the butterfly garden. It wasn’t as big as I had hoped, but I was so excited when butterflies started popping up all over the place! They made for some great photography subjects :D




Learning how to handle my Canon SL1 and photography overall is still new to me, but I’m really loving how some of my pictures are turning out with it. I’ll have another post up soon about another special exhibit by the Philadelphia Art Museum that I went to on Sunday!

With love,