Christmas 2016

Every Christmas I head up to Canada which is where my mom is from. I’ve been going up ever since I was born and last Friday was the first time I would be flying up to Ottawa. Normally I drive with my parents and my brother while my sister and her family would meet us up there. This year I decided to skip on the usual 9 1/2 hour drive and opted to pay for the 1 hr 35 min flight. This idea turned out to be a longggg plan. My flight ended up delaying 5 times! From 9:30 am to 5pm I was stuck at the airport. But it was all worth it because I was flying up on Dec. 23 while my parents and brother couldn’t drive up until Dec. 24th so I was still able to get an extra day up north.

As soon as I arrived, I got to see this little guy and he was THE reason why I decided to fly instead of drive. I wanted to soak up as much Connor time as I could <3

My parents were actually able to leave really early on Dec. 24 and got in around 1:35pm so the whole family headed out back of my grandfather’s house to have a snowball fight and build a snowman. That’s one thing I love about traveling to Canada for the holidays, I’m pretty much guaranteed a white Christmas!

Oh how time is passing by so quickly! Can’t believe how big he’s gotten :'(

The snowman building crew

Now that Connor’s almost 3 years old, he’s understanding a lot more about Christmas and I was so excited to wake up the next morning with him to open up his stockings! He was literally screaming and dancing from his little gifts.

For my family, Christmas day activities have changed over the years. When I was little, we rushed downstairs, opened up our stockings then took quick pictures and then opened up presents. Now, Christmas day has changed to opening stockings, then visiting my grandmother’s grave, lunch, family pictures and then opening presents. So while everyone else has already ripped open all boxes and thrown around tissue paper, we don’t get to ours until about 2pm in the afternoon. I’m thankful that I’m older now and have “a little bit” more self-control when it comes to opening presents, but I know as Connor gets a little older he’s going to want to charge for all the gifts under the tree first thing in the morning (might be right there with him ;) )!

So after visiting my grandmother and while lunch was being prepared, Connor got to decorate his very first gingerbread house! He was so enthralled with all the candy and putting everything together. The best was seeing him and my dad together working on it.

Proud grandparents 

Once we got to presents, I was unable to get my camera out with so much activity to capture all the excitement, but one of my aunts got a video so I’ll see if I can collect that soon to put up. So thankful for all my wonderful gifts this year, but really just happy that I was able to be with family.

We followed the night up as usual with a movie that one of us got as a gift. This year was the newest Star Trek movie which I thought was really good! Connor also jumped in my lap and watched the ending which he couldn’t take his eyes off of it! I think we might have a trekkie on our hands….

The next day we left the house early to go sledding, but unfortunately it was so unbelievably cold on this morning that we only last 15 minutes outside. It was Connor’s first time and he wasn’t too thrilled, but he probably would have had more fun if it was warmer out.

We followed that up with dim sum for lunch which is our usual after Christmas Day thing. It was so delicious! My mouth is watering just thinking about all the food <3 Afterwards while Connor napped, some of us went shopping while another group went to the movies.

Later that night, it was marshmallow roasting time! I am not a fan of marshmallows, but I don’t mind the roasting part haha. For some reason I like to do all the work when it comes to baking or making food, but not so much for the eating it part.

So easily distracted by the TV!

Whoops! A little fire-marshmallow moment…

Hahaha! He liked it, but he hates when his hands are sticky!

And then right after marshmallows we celebrated Connor’s birthday which is in early January with some delicious cake. The little guy was a bit embarrassed when it came to everyone singing ‘Happy Birthday!’ to him, but he really liked the blowing out the candles part that we let him do it twice!

Our trips to Canada are never long, but always filled with wonderful family memories. And next year will be a lot different because someone else will be joining the fun!

Baby Rach #2 is set to arrive in the next few months!

This is of course a very late announcement of the new little one joining the family. I had plans to announce my sister and brother-in-law’s news a lot sooner, but with school and announcement plans changing, it took a bit longer than I wanted it to. But SO EXCITED for Spring 2017!!! Hope I get the ok from my sister to reveal the gender and name soon ;) Super proud Aunt over here!!!

With love,


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